Cake, Cake + More Cake


I love first birthday sessions! A yummy baby, a delicious cake, an adorable family and lots of outtakes thrown in there. I have photographed this family for years and am always touched to be asked back again and again. Sweet Evelyn could not of been any cuter or more into her chocolate sugar-filled birthday creation! Such a wonderful way to capture this time in their lives and how often do you get your parents’ permission to house an entire cake …

Family: You Only Get One


As a mom of three I rarely get one on one time with each of my children. This weekend I took my oldest child to California to ski with her cousins. It was beautiful for so many reasons. Most of all three days dedicated to her. Just her. We skied, laughed, shared stories and even snuggled together. It was so wonderfully heart-warming, memorable and needed. This weekend was special for another reason as well. Eleven years ago to the day my …

Marlee Rose


This little girl has no idea how blessed she is to have this amazing woman as her mom. I know because Dede was our childrens’ nanny for seven years. My children adore her and her sense of calm and loving nature is contagious. Feeling very honored to have been able to capture little Marlee Rose during her first few weeks in this world and look forward to watching her grow surrounded by love. xo            

Sophisticated Dining


As some of you know I went to interior design school for a few semesters before deciding photography was my true love, but interiors has always been a close second. So for me photographing the art of decor is like being a kid in a candy shop. I adore working with the extremely gifted Meredith Rodday from a View From My Heels. She took a plain dining room that only had the table in it and transformed it into a …

Winter Light


This was my first time photographing this amazing family of five plus Tucker (the dog). All the mom wanted was a photoshoot in the snow, but mother nature was not cooperating with us prior to the holidays so we took a risk and photographed on probably the coldest afternoon in December – where the air was crisp, skies were clear with breathtaking golden light and snuggles were definitely needed. See for yourself, but this lifestyle session topped my charts as …

Snow Beauty


Photographing during a snow storm or right after it stops is my all time favorite time to shoot. It is serene, pure and magical. My little girl loves to dress up even at age eight and a half, so she put on her By Goldenstar custom dress and wrapped herself up in the blanket her big sister made her for Christmas and went out into the snow to have some whimsical fun in the fresh falling snow. I adore these images …

Home For The Holidays


Like many households, the holiday season is a crazy time of year in our house. I love the energy it brings, the festive attire, holiday decor and the sense of magic. Yet, I’ll admit – it is insane, especially with two of my children’s birthdays thrown into the month…It is the first week of January and I am sitting in my quiet office because all the kids are back at school. A part of me is loving the serenity, but the other part …



This year like so many years I am most thankful for my family. May your Thanksgiving be filled with lots of love, good cheer and belly-shaking laughter. xo – KER (Throw back photo to Thanksgiving 2014. Cousins rocking the shot – these are the photos that you want to keep forever!)

Moving Forward Together


11.9.16…I dropped the kids off at school today and everyone seemed to be running high on emotions.  Then we had the benefit of coming together as a community to watch our kids perform in their Fall Music Assembly, a gathering where every student from preschool to third grade performed a series of adorable uplifting musical acts. It was the perfect start to today. We live in an amazing democracy, where everyone has a voice. We might not all agree, but we don’t …

The Pierce House, Lincoln MA


This wedding was a true honor to capture. I have known the bride for over eight years. When I decided to go back to photography school, Diane was one of the main reasons it all happened so seamlessly with our children – we hired her as our sitter. She became part of our extended family in so many ways. When she started dating Keith – I knew this was the one. Their relationship started out as childhood friends and has …