The Bell Family

Three beautiful girls, two fun-loving parents and a gorgeous spring night in a meadow made for a dream photoshoot! Did I mention the eyes of this family! I mean….can you say STUNNING! Dad is totally in trouble!          

First Communion

This girl… The name Phoebe means “bright one.” She has the biggest heart and always looks at life like a glass half full, always the optimist, always the one to lend a hand, always the one to make us laugh. Even when it rains the sun shines down on her.  Today was her day. So proud to be your mom. Love you Phoebes!    

Gift of Family Time: Happy 70th Birthday

Not sure if you feel this way or not, but we always find it challenging to buy gifts for our parents! It often feels like they have it all and really all they want are “life experiences.” So this year we went for the gift of quality family time. My husband and his siblings decided to throw their dad an intimate “adult-kids” only surprise 70th birthday dinner, with wine tasting and all.  We transformed my studio into a little wine bistro serving …

Weekday Get Away

Its hard to balance family, work, life and a strong marriage. We always try to get away several times a year without the kiddos. So we recently decided let’s do it while the kids are in school and only minimal hours are needed for childcare coverage – so off we went to chill in Kennebunkport at the White Barn Inn for two days.  Highly recommend the mid-week vacation every now and again! (bonus: yummy chocolate chip goodie bags for guests – made …

Brotherly Love

When you have your third little boy, why not add a puppy into the mix. This rockstar mom has three serious future heartbreakers on her hands and one adorable golden retriever puppy and makes it all look way too easy. Cuteness overload! Welcome to the world baby Hayes! You hit the jackpot for a family! xo       

By Goldenstar on location in Antigua

Wow, what a shoot! White silky sand, golden sunset, caribbean blue water and beautiful hand-sewn tutus and leotards modeled by three gorgeous young ladies. If you are ever in the market for custom special occasion dresses I encourage you to check out By Goldenstar. Made in Maine, By Goldenstar is a brand dedicated to creating garments that celebrate the individuality, spirit and creativity of all girls.      

2015 Highlights

I am always extremely grateful for being able to live the life I live and to have met through my work so many wonderfully warm-hearted, fun-loving people along the way. I took the time this week and went through all my work this year. I am amazed…I captured over 50 families this year! Each shoot was unique to the family, wedding or business I photographed – and after each session I always left smiling and often laughing all the way back to …

Old North Bridge, Concord, MA

Autumn in New England is spectacular. Even on a cold, misty day in November. This family braved the elements and had many laughs along the way. One being how fun it will be to send their holiday photo to their British family and friends and let them know that it was taken on the historic site of the Old North Bridge in Concord. A bit cheeky! I adore this crew and feel blessed they have become good friends to our entire family.   …

@ the Boston Public Garden with Baby Joe

One of my favorite places to shoot is in the city. I spend a lot of my time in country settings, so when I get the chance to head into Boston it’s a real treat! At 16 weeks new, this little guy is already quite the traveler, flying up from Florida for the weekend. Meet baby Joe…such an honor to capture him in a place that means so much to his parents!

Double the cuteness with Sean + Jack

I recently had the honor of traveling down to southern New Jersey to meet these adorable little guys who will no doubt be Phillies fans in the years to come thanks to their parents. Less than two weeks new, I have never met two more relaxed first time parents. These boys hit the jackpot! Oh, did I mention how crafty their Dad is – checkout the hand carved cradle Mike made for them.  Born minutes apart, the only way Kelly and Mike could tell …