Sweet Emelia: seven days new

This post holds a special place in my heart. A few weeks ago my sister-in-law, Caroline and her amazing husband Matt welcomed their first child, little Emelia Elizabeth. I met Caroline over fifteen years ago when she was just finishing high school. She truly is the little sister I never had. I have watched Caroline grow into a caring, smart, talented woman and seeing her hold her first baby was so emotional for me and her big brother (my hubby). I …

Family Session: at home with Charlie + Finn

I met these little guys when they were only one week old. This is my fourth time photographing this cool family. I am always honored to be asked back to capture the same family again and again – especially with little ones because you really get to see how the personalities of these kids evolve over the years.  A true highlight of my job! Big kudos to their parents for doing some serious dance moves to get them both giggling …

Fourth of July: All about family and good friends

This past weekend we went up to mid-coast Maine with eight kids, one dog and six adults for four days all in one house!  It was a weekend filled with all american outdoor fun, giggles and wine! There were many moments over the weekend that I just caught myself watching my kids hanging with their pals and enjoying what life is meant to be about. I am truly fortunate and life is good.  

Charlotte Turns One!

I have had so much fun capturing this little lady from the first few days of her life throughout her first year. I included a few favorite shots from each of our shoots in this blog so you could see how much she has grown (although her level of unbelievable cuteness has stayed constant!)  She has an amazing family and I can’t wait to photograph her again and again in the coming years! Happy Birthday Charlotte!   Twelve months new! …

Family Session: Nashoba Valley Winery

I love capturing families that I have watched grow over the last few years! I can’t believe it has been ten years since I attended Amy and Jon’s wedding and here they are with four beautiful children. I have never met two people that make parenting FOUR kids under seven look SO EASY! We postponed this shoot due to bumps and bruises and weather a few times…and I have to say it was definitely worth the wait!  I seriously need to …

Kristen & Jim’s Nantucket Wedding: September 2012

I was so humbled when Kristen and Jim asked me over a year ago to capture their special day. I used to work with Kristen and Jim during my New Balance days so they have watched me grow my business, just as I have witnessed their relationship grow from courtship to now marriage. There is no question that whenever people meet Jim and Kristen they instantly know that they were put on this earth for one another.  To help celebrate …

Collin James: Five Days New

I had the honor of capturing my good friend Liz’s third child and first BOY this week. Collin James is one lucky little guy! Needless to say they are pretty over the moon with this little dude and his big sisters couldn’t get enough of him. We took a few sweet shots to capture this moment in their lives.

Candyland – Oh so sweet!

In honor of my daughter’s fifth birthday we threw her a Candyland inspired party. She and her fabulous friends had a blast! It was by far the best theme we have done so far. Thought I would share how we turned our house into a life-size game of Candyland!

Happy 1st Birthday Lucia!

If you didn’t know, I love first birthday cake smash sessions. It is one of my favorite moments to photograph! When does a child ever get their parents cheering them on to demolish a cake and make a total mess? Little Lucia not only destroyed the cake with her hands but she finished the session off by sitting on it. It was classic and adorable all in one! Happy first birthday sweet Lucia!

Grace Turns One!

I love having photoshoots in Boston, especially in the heart of the south end. We lucked out with the weather and it was a warm winter day and we were able to capture sweet moments both inside and out! Little Grace was such a good sport and was game for anything! Her favorite part (and mine to snap) was eating the cake! I have never photographed a one year old that loves cake more! Such a sweet family!!