Moving Forward Together

11.9.16…I dropped the kids off at school today and everyone seemed to be running high on emotions.  Then we had the benefit of coming together as a community to watch our kids perform in their Fall Music Assembly, a gathering where every student from preschool to third grade performed a series of adorable uplifting musical acts. It was the perfect start to today.

We live in an amazing democracy, where everyone has a voice. We might not all agree, but we don’t have to – that is what is so great about our country. Change can be hard, but we often learn the most from it. People keep asking what do we say to our kids. Well what we told ours was that making a world a better place is worth fighting for and we live by our values and will continue to do so – we will guide by example to be responsible, respectful, loving, kind and empathetic to others. Love will always trump hate, and working together is what makes our families, friendships, communities and our entire country greater.

As HRC put it today “…never stop believing that fighting for what’s right is worth it.”



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