One Two Three Smile…or Not.

I think all parents know that some days are filled with sweet roses and others not so much. I know many families with young kids often arrive to their lifestyle session a little on edge hoping their kids “behave.” I have three kids – I get it. But I also know the “outtakes” are sometimes the best shots – they often capture a little piece of reality (a brief chapter that will pass in a blink of an eye). To be honest it doesn’t happen all that often…but when it does and for whatever reason your child just isn’t digging the scene that day – I am always happy to work with you.  This happened this summer with one of my all time favorite families that I have been photographing for years. If little Hannah could talk she would of told me off in an epic way. Fortunately for her, I have thick skin and love a challenge. So her mom and I decided they would piggy back on another photoshoot I had lined up this season and we would just do a quick ten minute pop-in session. So glad we did!


first session.


second session.



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