The Path We Choose

Ever have a day that life just hits you? All the choices you have made to this point have led you to this moment. I had that day last week when I was lucky enough to accompany my baby on his first “official” school field trip. It was a trip to bring all his kindy classmates together, who come from all different towns to an outdoor wonderland – the beach. It’s a day for them to share, laugh and bond outside the classroom. For me it was a day to watch through a small window how my last born, my baby is going to blaze his own path in this new world. A day for me to internally reflect how for the past ten years I have always had someone at my side, a sidekick, a buddy. I wouldn’t change a moment of it – from the crying, the bandaids, the tantrums, the bike rides, the full body belly laughs, to the endless hours of wrestling. All of those moments got me to that moment on the beach. I watched how my littlest pal was so ready to set his course and blaze his own path. Parenting never ends, just chapters end and new ones begin. But it’s days like this one that I will forever remember. You only get one life. Stop, look around, splash in the 57 degree water, skip a rock and soak it all in because these moments are what make life so special.


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