Family: You Only Get One

As a mom of three I rarely get one on one time with each of my children. This weekend I took my oldest child to California to ski with her cousins. It was beautiful for so many reasons. Most of all three days dedicated to her. Just her. We skied, laughed, shared stories and even snuggled together. It was so wonderfully heart-warming, memorable and needed.

This weekend was special for another reason as well. Eleven years ago to the day my mother left this earth and turned into a star forever watching over us. My brothers live all over the country therefore we don’t see each other or their gorgeous families often enough. So the timing of this mother-daughter adventure was perfect. I not only shared an amazing weekend with my daughter but also with one of my brothers, his incredible wife and two quick-witted, thoughtful boys.

Carving out quality time for the ones we love no matter the distance or working through the ever challenging logistics that often make it seem impossible – is worth it. Family. You only get one.


(note: iphone pic)

Location: Kirkwood Mountain, California

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